Leo Cheung

Web & UX Portfolio

BOND Payroll Services www.bondpayrollservices.co.uk

BOND Payroll services wanted a conversions-led redesign that kept within BOND’s brand guidelines. The website required an information architecture rework to simplify an often confusing and information heavy industry. It also needed to operate as an effective 24/7 lead generation tool.

  • Competitor research, Google Analytics analysis and in-depth meetings with the client to better understand the brand, USP's, website performance and the industry itself.
  • Wireframed prototypes used to define user journeys and navigational user flows.
  • 4 colour-cordinated content silos for each key business area, with each area broken down into easily digestable and scannable chunks of information.
  • Pictures of each persona used across the website to connect with the target market.
  • Social proof and reputation enhancers placed on every page to increase trust.
  • Strategically placed calls to action encouraging phone calls, form fills and downloads

FLR Spectron http://flr.mrsdemo3.co.uk/ (due to launch Feb ‘16)

The old FLR website was geared heavily towards telecommunications and 0800 numbers, but FLR have since branched into several new industries including IT, Cooling and Security. The challenge was how to re-architect the website in a scalable way and differentiate between these businesses whilst creating new cross-selling opportunities.

  • Competitor research and lo-fi prototyping used to quickly iterate through concepts.
  • 1 parent FLR Group website and 6 child websites all linked via a global navigation menu.
  • Swim lane flow diagrams for different users at different landing points in the user journey.
  • Balsamiq used to create clickable wireframes showing user flows and how/where content would sit and link together.
  • Use of a consistent global style with colour co-ordination and icons to differentiate between businesses.
  • Simplified and clearly organised information architecture and hierarchy.

MOXI Makeup www.moximakeup.com

The client had 2 main goals: Increase bookings locally for her makeup artist services and increase sales nationally for her own brand of makeup brushes.

  • Sketches and wire frames to rapidly protoype and iterate over USP layouts and navigational user journeys for each target market.
  • Minimising cognitive load through a simple interface focusing on the 2 core audiences: local visitors looking for a make up artist and national visitors interested in buying makeup brushes.
  • Google analytics analysis and session recordings via Inspectlet tool used to garner regular feedback and insight.
  • Peek tool used for high level feedback and usability testing.
  • Trust signals such as testimonials, press reviews and influential people using the brushes placed on all pages providing social proof.

Sun Wah Foods www.sunwahfoods.co.uk

It wasn’t immediately clear what the client’s core offerings or USP’s were as there were mixed messages all across their old site. They wanted a fresh, on-brand redesign that positioned them as a reputable and trustworthy family run business. The client’s goal was to run co-ordinated marketing initiatives and use the website to help increase sales and enquiries B2B and push brand awareness and desirability B2C.

  • Google Analytics and Inspectlet tool analysis for user demographic insight.
  • Lo-fi sketches exploring different USP concepts, copy tone of voice and various layouts.
  • Bold, scannable headlines and simple copy to explain simply what the company does and why visitors to the website should care.
  • Trust and reputation enhanced by drawing on company’s years of experience and through use of well known brand logos.
  • Core content ‘Products’, ’Where to buy’ and ‘Recipes’ sections made more prominent.
  • Fully mobile responsive to cater for the high percentage of users on mobile devices.

Portlantis www.portlantis.com

Portlantis sell corporate clothing and also offer personalisation as a value added extra. One of the main challenges was how best to showcase their extensive product range in a way that encouraged more sales and enquiries.The website redesign also needed to increase revenue via personalisation.

  • Competitor research to understand what was working for others.
  • Sketch concepts for different layouts focussing on USPs, products and/or personalisation.
  • Simple information architecture with main product categories on show all at once to encourage browsing.
  • Smiling face picture used as a friendly welcome along with customer service USP.
  • Easily browse and search through extensive product collection.
  • Simplified copy and use of bold headlines to draw the eye.

Job Pro-Motion www.jobpro-motion.co.uk

The client wanted to launch an online job board specific to the promotional merchandising industry. The platform needed to entice both jobseekers and employers and eventually make money through employer job postings and advertising space sales.

  • Wireframes used to quickly iterate over layouts for both core target audiences.
  • Focus was on keeping it simple and reducing cognitive load.
  • Layout based on F-principle and scannable chunks of information.
  • Geared towards making it easy and simple for jobseekers to search for jobs, apply for jobs and register CV’s.
  • Separate employers section for posting jobs, browsing CV’s and advertising space purchases.

Pedal Adventures www.pedaladventures.co.uk

Pedal Adventures provide tailored cycle holidays for people of all abilities. The website needed to showcase all of the tours, increase desirability of cycling holidays and ultimately boost enquiries and sales.

  • Visual language and content centred around the tours.
  • Visitors encouraged to browse, explore and be inspired by amazing sights across Europe.
  • Easy to scan, find and filter tours relevant to user's desired location and cycling ability.
  • Blend of cycling lifestyle shots mixed with scenic destination pictures to create emotional connection and appeal to target market’s sense of adventure.